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Daryl on Walking Dead...so cute.

Norman Reedus, Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead. I love this man. He cleans up WELL, even though he's just as sexy covered in dirt xD

Love The Walking Dead? Cool, let's see if you're a true Daryl fan.

Having a great time here with TWD funnies...@Mallory Puentes Puentes Hoff this made me think of you and all your posts

I wish! Everyone would know your name Norman Reedus! HELL YES

Norman Reedus, Walking Dead, Daryl Dixon, Twd Memes, Quotes

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Omg tooo funny

Claimed ~ The Walking Dead I claimed him! He's mine!) <<-- hell yes he's claimed. Lol<<lady's lady's we can SHARE HIM, hell yah hes claimed


Ok, I'm pinning this again because I just noticed the girl I'm getting it from has it in a board called 'bedroom'. lol that's awesome XD