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Explore Nike Principles, Creative Principles and more!

ManvsMachine was appointed by Nike global brand design to create a series of idents representing the creative principles behind the brand. CREDITS — Design…

Teaser for the exhibition This Is Now

This is now by Oh Yeah Studio. Oh Yeah Studio have invited 15 of the worlds leading designers, illustrators and motion artists that have a great impact on todays visual language, exhibiting unique work in poster art and motion graphics. The exhibition is named “THIS IS NOW” to indicate the relevance they represent in our current time. All 15 are experts in their respective creative fields, and have left a deep impact in the industry’s recent years. These leading creators have staked out the…

Stupidshit created third day's bumpers for OFFF Barcelona 2012 @ Openroom Stage. ( More about the project at: Audio design: Sander Haakman (

Stupidshit created third day's bumpers for OFFF Barcelona 2012 @ Roots Stage. ( More about the project at: CREDITS David Zaagsma Patrick Leiber Ramon Escolá Roy Gerritsen Audio design: Sander Haakman ( SPECIAL THANKS TO: OFFF Falk's Floris Schäfer Family Escolà Multitouch Barcelona Magic Circus


Life by Sebas and Clim. We launched Life to celebrate our first studio anniversary. Something to have fun with and to explore a new style in design, edition and animation. Idea, Direction & Production: Sebas and Clim Music: Aimar Molero

Electrical appliances tend to have a lot of built up anger towards their users. Design, animation, edit and audio by Michael Marczewski. Music Track: Ducktails…