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These Animals Have No Idea What's Going On, But It Doesn't Matter Because They're Adorable

Cat logic : can spot a bird from across the yard yet can't find the piece of meat you dropped unless you point it out 10 times.

Plastic covering - important for protecting your valuables.

If you've never had a cat, you just don't understand.it's a calico thing too they corny

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day – 22 Pics

I put his favorite blanket in the wash, he sat like this for at least an hour. - I haven't gotten my kitties favorite blanket back yet - hoping to soon!

There went the camera. Cat finally caught the red dot.

This is what happens when your cameras auto timer light happens to be a bright red dot . You get photobombed by your cat

princess bride

monday randomness

Princess Bride/Cat Humor: My name is Inigo Meowntoya. You killed my Father, prepare to die.

O.M.G. My heart died a little.

St Bernard lets outdoor cats sleep with him. Sweetest thing ever.

This little guy just found cat heaven…

Funny pictures about This little guy just found cat heaven. Oh, and cool pics about This little guy just found cat heaven. Also, This little guy just found cat heaven.

Replace the word "cat" with the word "dog"!

'I Can't Have Nice Things' Print

I Can't Have Nice Things I Have A Cat Poster Print by ohdearmolly ~ Actually, my cats are pretty well behaved, but this poster is funny!

now it all makes sense<<<thank goodness I know this now I feel SO smart

"How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you" from TheOatmeal.I knew she was up to no good.