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The truth about Obamacare Medicare/Medicaid Dr.s (specialists) are getting notices their service is NO LONGER NEEDED. Where will older people go?

Scream pop art - Art Kaleidoscope

Obama, India trip, scream Edvard Munch Taj Mahal sad hill news

Are these the changes Obama was referring to?

Thanks obama for being the most useless president in the history of the no longer U.A but now under more debt America

Obamacare--our 'captain' chose not to go down with the 'ship' !!!!! AMERICA HAS A SAVIOR!! IT IS NOT OUR PRESIDENT!!!! 2Chronicles 7:14

· Conservatives Against Obama's Liberal's . too appropriately funny.

Barack Obama's Dead Fly's Photo:

Since when did American Patriots become villains & Islamic terrorists become "freedom fighters"? Oh yeah. Since Obama- he also has brought race relations to their worst point since the on purpose.


Go figure But watch out for your - they are looking at all that money just sitting there and it makes their fingers itch.to tap it!

FOX puts the disgrace to journalism, just try it and see...oh, you have, it's the default on your devices...nice...eeeeeww!

If a tree falls in the forest and Fox News isn't there to cover it, is it still Obama's fault?

(obama muslim islam birth certificate democrats palestinian)

no other President would stand under this disgraceful picture and speak.when he spoke at Georgetown.Obama had all the crosses covered up.I truly think the makeup done for bible depicted what Obama " REALLY" is!