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Thought Provoking Satirical illustrations by Pawel Kuczynski - Collection Of Inspiring Images, Sayings and Famous Quotes about Life, Love, Friendship, Happiness, Success and More - Collection Of Inspiring Quotes, Sayings, Images | WordsOnImages

What If People Treated Physical Illness Like Mental Illness?

This is funny but not funny. I have heard all of these things from others when referencing or talking to someone with a mental illness. Support and understanding are almost more important in the case of mental illness.

New Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

SATIRICAL CARTOON - Finding refuge in satirical cartoons since Pawel Kuczynski has won hundreds of commendations for his work. His cartoons feature themes like environmental problems, social issues, poverty, addiction and more.

can't we just drop the drama and get a long for good? ohh yeah.... and one last piece of advice! humans are way . WAYYYYYYY more important than animals!!!!!

Very great design. Shows you how much losing a leg can really do to your life. Most of things I cherish in life would almost be impossible without a leg. Respect all of the people who struggle with something like this.