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The Genius Guide to the Shadow Warrior - Shadow Warriors are master of fighting with exotic weapons - beyond their proficiency in simple and martial weapons and light and medium armors and shields and in one exotic weapon of the shadow warrior's choice. The class also receives weapon focus in said exotic death-dealing implement and at 2nd level and every level thereafter, the shadow warrior may select an additional exotic weapon to master - and weapon focus applies to these as well…

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Amazing Races: Sylphs! - Well, we kick off with 4 new feats: -Cloud Gulp: Negate mists/breath weapons, but be affected by them in spite of immunities. VERY cool one, since there to my knowledge does not exist a similar means of canceling these effects. -Mighty Wings: Fly in medium or heavy armor with poor or clumsy maneuverability respectively. Lame. -Thundering Rage: Deal sonic damage when using elemental rage and if you have Storm in the Blood as a racial trait, you can deal 1d6…

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