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I made this today. Man did I have fun with photoshop.

My friend posted this on my wall it's a personal favorite.- Loki is feeling fabulous today

AN OLD IMPALA!?!? Like from No one can convince me otherwise that is was the winchesters that took the car, but shortly realized it wasn't theirs

Sherlock Holmes, Grammar Police… This is my pet peeve! Remember: hanged = rope around neck suspended until dead (hopefully breaks neck instead of suffocation) Hung = has a large penis. No no no sir you could face death not a penis enlargement for this.

Well this is a little mean, it's just they are pretty much telling him to kill himself just in a way that has humor, I know they were all probably just trying to joke around but seriously I don't like it and it make me mad

Octodad's Secret is Safe <<< I don't get it, that's an ordinary man. Probably has a wife and two kids.

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