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"Your society's broken, so who should we blame? Should we blame the rich, powerful people who caused it? No. Let's blame the people with no power and no money and the immigrants who don't have a vote. Yea, it must be their _ _ _ _ _ _ _ fault"

CBO’s Unicorn Cost Study on Amnesty | RedState We get rid of something that's going to cost us trillions and it's still going to cost us billions? I don't think so!

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Let that sink in. All the Republican hypocrites whining to give Trump a chance to govern"after what they did to President Obama make me sick.

Ignoring the insanity of gun violence

We don't blame cars for drunk drivers. Why blame guns for violent people. Plus, cars are not designed to kill human beings. Whereas, guns are designed for one purpose only: to put holes in things, primarily to maim or kill.