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"This is my son Elijah. He has hemiplegic cerebral palsy due to a stroke before he was born. Elijah has been on a mission since he was 5 years old to raise awareness about his stroke and cerebral palsy. When he was 7, he founded a not for profit organization called The Traveling Awareness Bears, Inc. Through his bears, he raises awareness all over the world about cerebral palsy, stroke and about 40 other medical conditions affecting children.

Our photo contest has had so many wonderful submissions. Take time to read these children’s stories and vote via this link

I just found this page. My daughter Kyiah is 12mon old, she was born at 26wks. She got diagnosed with cerebral palsy and dystonia yesterday.

Our photo contest has allowed us to share the stories of some amazing children with you. Read all of their stories here

Our photo contest has allowed us to share the stories of some amazing children with you. Read all of their stories here

This is my daughter Gracie, she will be 3 next month. In January she was diagnosed with Evolving Ataxic Dyskinetic Cerebral Palsy. She has had Developmental Delays and major feeding issues. (She only eats yogurt and is still on a bottle) Last week we had a breakthrough and she is now gumming and swallowing Cheerios! We are so excited with this new milestone and I wanted to share it with all of you! Thanks to the Cerebral Palsy Family Network for all the support you give!!!

This is my son, my hero Gage. He went 17 mins without oxygen at birth. He went through 3 days of hypothermia trying to rejuvenate as much of his brain as they could. He spent the first two months of his life in the NICU. He's been diagnosed with CP, HIE(severe seizure disorder), chronic lung disease and mental R. He's very special to us and we have learned what love and life is really about with him. I wish everyone appreciated their children as much as we appreciate our Gage.

Hi all, this is my daughter, Amber, who was diagnosed with spastic diplegic cp at 18 months old. She is the most caring and happy child I have ever met and does not let her condition get in the way. We're both saying "hi" from the UK.

My son was born in 2006 and is now 7 he was born at 26 gestation and weighed 740g (1lb 10oz). He was diagnosed with chronic lung disease and a hole in the bladder when in hospital, we spent 12 weeks in ICU with him. He weighed 5lb 14oz when he was able to come home we have had numerous problems with speech and eating problems so 2009 he was diagnosed with autism and last month they finally diagnosed him with cerebral palsy.