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Petite Metallic Blue Faux Druzy Necklace

This sparkling blue necklace is magical! Shimmers beautifully in the light! Each piece is set in a petite 13 mm frame and hung on a 24 inch silver plated ball c

Crystals for PMS — Ease the symptoms of PMS with Moonstone, Chrysocolla, or Rose Quartz. Moonstone is excellent for over all balance for women’s health and hormones. Chrysocolla is especially useful for cramps. Rose Quartz for calming and emotions. Hold or carry with you as needed. — Related Chakra: Sacral

Crystals for Visualization — Do you have problems with visualization or seeing things in your mind’s eye during meditation? Let Iolite, Imperial Topaz (Golden/Yellow), or Green Tourmaline help you with that. Hold in your hand or to your Third Eye to enhance visualization. — Related Chakra: Third Eye

Angelite Stone

Angelite helps you to connect with your angels to provide protection to your entire body. It helps to relieve tension, stress and anger, while facilitating forgiveness and stimulating healing. #angelite #crystals #healing

Crystals for Courage — Increase your courage with Bloodstone, Carnelian, Aquamarine, or Ruby. Carry with you or wear as needed. — Related Chakra: Heart

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