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RARE Early 1850s Transitional Daguerreotype Case with Plastic Over A Wood Frame | eBay

RARE Early Transitional Daguerreotype Case with Plastic Over A Wood Frame

My Daguerreotype Boyfriend - WHERE EARLY PHOTOGRAPHY MEETS EXTREME HOTNESS  -- I can't decide if this is creepy or what, but the concept is pretty cool.    PS. This hottie here went mad and ended his days in an asylum :(

mydaguerreotypeboyfriend: From the submitter, Vix: This guy was a relative from my maternal Grandfather’s side of the family. Apparently he went mad and ended his days in an asylum. Reminds us a little of our original Daguerreotype BF, Robert Cornelius!

Old couple looks like a tin type photo ... they may not be as old as we think, times were just a lot harder back then

A British veteran of the Crimean War accompanied by his wife. He is wearing his Crimean War Medal. An ambrotype can also be know as a collodion positive.

vintage handsome man | handsome and dirty

George Bennett, a dapper-looking had many poaching convictions and assaulted a police constable

Gorgeous young woman dressed in elaborate mourning attire for her ninth plate daguerreotype likeness. Size: Ninth Plate; Condition: Light wipes and fine permeations/green spots throughout with faint silvering. Resealed with new glass and filmoplast P90. Housing: Nice half brown leatherette case.

Gorgeous Young Woman Dressed in Elaborate Mourning Attire for her Daguerreotype

Beautiful Edwardian Lady and her Dog..original vintage french postcard..real photo..paper ephemera

greatgdean: “ Edwardian lady and her pet dog…French postcard ”

Lovely Portraits of Victorian Teenage Girls from the 1840s-90s

Children’s clothing evolved as time went by during the Victorian era. Many of these styles mirrored the adult styles of the day to some exte.

love this classy, classic updo for short hair

Top 25 Short Wedding Hairstyles

“At dinner. ca. 1858. Stereoscope detail. J. Calvelo collection.”

It's the children are all in bed, the champagne is chilled, dear friends are (Notice that the women are all wearing flower wreaths in their hair.