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6 Verdant and Wonderful Ideas for Vertical Gardens

Urban Gardening leaving a tiny footprint. IF you lack the space but want the garden, why not try a stair planter box., I saw this product on TV and have already lost 24 pounds!

SOMETHING LIKE THIS   for my patio bird station next spring    For blackberries, but make it wide enough for a person to walk through the middle. Put wire on top too.

How to Make a Cucumber Trellis

This link has a ton of really easy garden ideas including a cattle panel arch trellis.

Cum sa-ti organizezi gradina de legume - Idei de padocuri din lemn Daca stii sa te organizezi , lucrul in gradina poate deveni o activitate relaxanta. Idei de plantat legume si zarzavaturi in padocuri din lemn http://ideipentrucasa.ro/cum-sa-ti-organizezi-gradina-de-legume-idei-de-padocuri-din-lemn/

30 something for us for the cheapest cedar fence boards but still a good price and you could start with one board high and add om each year 10 dollar raised beds

Escalier magique

planter, niche garden, terraced garden, tiny garden - this about putting in herbs and vegetables with a drip water system - you don't have to make this as deep as this one is

A list of what size pot to grow vegetables in... how helpful!

A list of what size pot to grow vegetables in. how helpful! Might be why my chili pepper plant has only given use 1 pepper! How does my garden grow

Attach rain gutters to a garden wall to replicate this unique container garden. Again, remember the drainage.

More Garden Containers You Never Thought Of

Reuse re-purpose old rain gutters as planters. Reuse a vintage laundry wash tub to catch the run-off and re-circulate

How to build and install raised garden beds

How to Build and Install Raised Garden Beds by Popular Mechanics Well suited to novices raised gardens allow you to customize the soil bed and maximize the use of space by setting plants closer together and increasing yield while decreasing water

galvanized steel raised beds | galvanized steel raised bed garden. | Gentlemint

galvanized steel raised bed garden.

If you want a sense of peace and tranquility in your outdoor space, add a water feature. Rate My Space contributor AussieAngel created this lovely fountain using a solar water pump.

10 Outdoor Rooms on a Budget

Thrifty Fountain Rate My Space user AussieAngel created this DIY water feature on a tight budget, purchasing only a solar water pump. Surrounding stones and flowers make it an attractive part of the landscaping

Looking for a Green-wall or Vertical garden in your space?  Contact PlantFinderPro to connect you to a professional.  https://plantfinderpro.com/contact/

Vertical Succulent Garden - this might take care of the ugly brown wall fence - give it some nice lush green to soften the whole yard!