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AND ELSA HAD MAKE-UP POWERS BECAUSE 1 HER HAIR WAS IN A TWIST AT HER CORONATION, BUT SHE TOOK IT OUT AND IT WAS A BRAID, AND ALSO AGREE WASN'T WEARING LIPSTICK ORE EYE SHADOW AT FIRST.<<<<< Actually she WAS wearing make-up during her coronation. It just got darker when she changed her outfit. But somehow her skin color gets whiter when she changes.

Anna has super strength/agility head cannon accepted. Frozen is not a prequel to the Incredibles.

Let it Go

Quick Disney’s Elsa sketch by princekido I need to see Elsa with her hair down in canon animation before I die! Also, this picture^^^is the closest I’ve ever seen to it being the actually animated Elsa with her hair down. To this artist, God bless you💗

Elsa :)

Elsa ~ I wish instead of her braid,she could've let down all of her hair! And at the tips of each peice,there would be tiny beautiful snowflake crystals!