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Black Phoebe - This one likes to hang out by the trash cans in my alley and catch flies. I love the downward swooping flutter they employ while hunting their insect prey.

That's not a wire, it's the edge of a piece of plexiglass that's used as a see-through windbreak for some fancy homes that border the Bolsa Chica Ecological Preserve. As you can imagine, not all birders appreciate invisible fences next to a preserve.

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Tiê Sangue (Ramphocelus bresilius) / Brazilian Tanager by JorgeCNetto* What a gorgeous bird.

Northern Bentbill Oncostoma cinereigulare Carara NP, Puntarenas province, Costa Rica. A strange little flycatcher found in rainforest from Mexico to Panama. In Eastern Panama and Colombia it is replaced by the very similar Southern Bentbill (below), though it may ultimately prove more logical to consider them conspecific. Northern has a gray face and throat, but there voices are very similar

Northern Bentbill (Oncostoma cinereigulare) A bird on a branch.


Photo Lilac Crestted roller Tanzania Africa by logan hubbard. So beautiful.

Mountain Bluebirds are migratory. Their range varies from Mexico in the winter to as far north as Alaska, throughout the western U.S. and Canada.

Mountain Bluebird was a recent morning visitor to the scrub oak above the hot tub.

Lesser_Antillean Pewee (Contopus latirostris) by Fleviez.

Lesser_Antillean Pewee (Contopus latirostris) by Fleviez.

Tawny-crowned_Pygmy-Tyrant  (Euscarthmus meloryphus) by Nick Athanas.

Tawny-crowned_Pygmy-Tyrant (Euscarthmus meloryphus) by Nick Athanas.

"Sasi Smit capturing everyday life of our wild friends. Sasi is one of the best wild life photographers in the world, & you will know why that is after viewing some of his best work".

The Black-naped monarch or Black-naped blue flycatcher (Hypothymis azurea) is a slim and agile passerine bird belonging to the family of monarch flycatchers.

Lesser Kiskadee (Philohydor lictor)

Lesser Kiskadee (Philohydor lictor) Adult bird perched in riverine bush

Dinelli's Doradito (Pseudocolopteryx dinelliana) by Hector Bottai.

Dinelli's Doradito (Pseudocolopteryx dinelliana) by Hector Bottai.