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Levitating Wilderness Photography - The Neil Krug 'Mirrors' Series is Sublime and Surreal (GALLERY)

walking in rain with umbrella | walk in the Rain `:)

more umbrella's.I really hate rain so not sure why i have a thing for umbrella's. Maybe it's BECAUSE I really hate rain

Rainy day in Paris

Rainy Day, Paris, I lived in Normandie (Pontorson), for years, and I miss it awfully. The somber days of rain as in the photo and gentle days of soft rain and walks around Mont St. At least I have the memory and it's so special.

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Afternoon jungle exploration before heading out to night turtle tracking on the beach 🐢. Costa Rica you are great.

Wake up Alice.

I have been in love with rainy days, since I was a little girl. I always said that when I grew up I would name one of my children "Rain", if I ever had any. My daughter, Caitlyn's middle name is Rain. I love her name, and so does she!