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October 1 – Cyprus's National Day

Posted on October 2014 Three nations are celebrating their national days today. In alphabetical order, they are: China, Cyprus, .

October 12 – Fiesta Nacional in Spain

Posted on October 2014 On this date in the lookouts on a small sailing ship spotted land.

October 28 - Ohi Day in Cyprus and Greece

World War II was an awful time to be a European. Hitler famously ruled Germany, and Benito Mussolini ruled Italy;

October 1 - Fire Pup Day

Today we honor dalmatians that serve as mascots for fire departments. Why would fire fighters have a dog?

October 14 - World Egg Day

Eggs are a relatively inexpensive source of protein, so make an egg-in-the-basket for breakfast, have a hard-boiled egg for lunch (spr.

October 21 - Antilles Day

) It's interesting to find out about holidays I didn't even know existed in places I'd hardly heard of—but, in this da.

October 26 - Mule Day

On this date in the first Spanish Jacks (male donkeys) arrived in the United States, a gift from the King of Spain.

October 5 - Portugal's Republic Day

Moorish influence in Portugal Portugal is the western-most country in Europe. It was settled by Celts, then made part of the Rom.

October 14 – World Standards Day

Posted on October 2015 Today we acknowledge and celebrate “the world's common language.

October 16 - Dictionary Day

Dictionary Day – U. This day celebrates the birthday of Noah Webster, who created a very famous American English dictionary.


Blow up some balloons! Pop some balloons! Make balloon animals! Do experiments with balloons! Compare balloons filled with air, heliu.

October 2 – Day after the National Day of the People's Republic of China – in Macau

Since Macau has been a Special Administrative Region of th.

Bettarazuke - Wikipedia

Posted on October 2013 Sweet and salty daikon radish pickles! Many Americans think of “pickles” as cucumb.

October 16 – Spirit Day

Posted on October 2014 Today millions of people are wearing purple to stand against bullying and to show their support for LGBT you.

October 4 - Ten-Four Day

“ Ten-four” means “message received.” “Understood,” “okay,” and “roger that” are some other translations.