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Humphrey Bogart met Lauren Bacall while filming To Have and Have Not, a 1944 film loosely adapted from the Ernest Hemingway novel. The two began an affair; Bogart was still married to his third wife, at the time. By February of 1945, Bogart had called off his marriage and was preparing to wed Bacall—which he did just a few months later, on May 21, 1945. The couple remained married until Bogart’s death from cancer in 1957.

Newlywed actors Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall attending wedding reception at home of novelist Louis Bromfield, Mansfield, OH, US - May 1945 Photographer: Ed Clark, LIFE

The Rat Pack name had originated one morning, after a night of heavy boozing, when Bogart’s wife Lauren Bacall came upon the sodden group and flatly stated, ‘You look like a God-damned rat pack.’ Bogart enjoyed the term, and a legend was born.

Frank Sinatra, Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart at the premiere of The Desperate Hours, 1955 and it was Lauren Bacall who came up with the name Rat Pack.

Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart wave to fans outside the RKO Pantages.  He was a Best Actor nominee for "The Caine Mutiny"  1955.   LIFE Magazine's Best Oscar Photos, From the Golden Age of Hollywood - LIFE

George Silk—Time & Life Pictures/Getty ImagesHumphrey Bogart and his wife Lauren Bacall arrive at the annual Academy Awards at the RKO Pantages Theater in

Lauren Bacall and actor Humphrey Bogart after returning from Ohio where they were recently married, 1945

Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall with her whistle charm bracelet. Bogey gave her this in reference to Bacall’s famous line from their first movie together, 'To Have and Have Not'. It’s inscribed with the phrase, “If you want anything, just whistle.