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"Dontcha want it?" *Parker hurls orange at Eliot and runs away* -- I'm not a fan of oranges, so I'd still eat the apple...

I think that out of the seasons that I have watched, this might by my all time favorite Leverage scene.

Everything has something distinctive about it. Elliot just so happens to be the master of identifying them XD

Leverage The Homecoming Job [gifset] - Very distinctive - Parker, Eliot Spencer, Alec Hardison

Leverage, Grave Danger Job. // Eliot & Hardison - I wanted to cry at what Eliot said. They're like brothers.

Tiger Paradox (gif 2 of When things hit the fan, they show emotion very strongly.

Don't spill Eliot's coffee. (Leverage: the double-blind job)

"Oh, you made two mistakes, bro." Leverage: the double-blind job