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Art boy

Despite being the most hated character by the other character in the series, he is the most loved character by the DURARARA fans. including me ^^ well yea, i'll happily announce how i loved him dispite his wrong doings!

This is the most beautiful bl that I've ever seen, and it is a fanmade! It makes me cry everytime I watch it..  I tried to choose the most important pictures but it was really hard, this is why this image is so long xD Link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiUHTg84D1Q - Shizuo and Izaya - Durarara!! (Order Made)

Uwielbiam to. Dobitnie pokazuje to, czym jest dla mnie Shizaya.

the whole wedding thing during the credits made me tear up. Loved it!<<< the wedding is being animated.