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KEMET Kemetism (also Kemeticism, both from Egyptian kmt or Kemet, the native name of Ancient Egypt), also sometimes referred to as Neterism (from ntr (Coptic noute) "deity"), or Egyptian Neopaganism, is the contemporary revival of Ancient Egyptian religion and related expressions of religion in classical and late antiquity, emerging during the 1970s. A Kemetic is one who follows Kemetism.

Imhotep, Black Genius

Egyptian civilization, tomb of royal scribe Userhat, mural painting, from Sheikh 'Abd al-Qurna Necropolis Luxor, Egypt, 1450-1425 B.C.

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In KMT the Neteru were always coupled. The Divine masculine and feminine weaves itself through all of creation. They are not literal male and female, but principles within the universe. Feminine is receptive, desires, inner directed. It is the container of experience sts. Masculine is active, driven and outwardly directed. It is the outward expression of experience. Click photo to learn more.