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Matthew 5:8

Matthew 5:8

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Tips, ideas and inspiration to clean, declutter and organise your home. Plus loads of family friendly recipes and lunchbox ideas.


Thank GOD this is true. We've never needed more hope than we as a nation do now. Our current president is such a disgrace and embarrassment. GOD please be with us. MB No matter who is president, Jesus is King.


I asked GOD to protect me from my enemies, then I started losing "friends"

God is so good!

I’ve seen miracles just happen, Silent prayers get answered, Broken hearts become brand new, That’s what faith can do. ~ Kutless LOVE this song

Biblical application blog post for those dating, engaged, or married on pre-marital or external sex outside of the marriage covenant.

I pursue no other image or idol, ever! Marriage isn't a piece of paper or about the law of the land. It is about the space . "Where TRUE intimacy exists!" That means pursuing only him in and with all of your purity.