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It's okay to be angry, but it's never okay to be cruel. Some people should really heed this advice.

If you continue to do what you've always done, you'll continue to have what you've was had

What you allow is what will continue. So stop allowing it if it doesn't seem right. I need to remember this!

So true

Maybe it's just my age and life experiences, but I'm done with fake and playing along with it. Being cordial and classy is one thing, we all have to do it, but pretending to be my friend when it's clear you wish I didn't exist? Just tell me the truth.

i never changed, i just learned.

I'm tired of people telling me "you've changed." Because I grew up? Because I realized a lot of things? I'm 22 years old! I'm not always going to be that naive old. I'm constantly learning.

Hate one sided friendships. WHAT WAS I THINKING! I forgot.... it's ALWAYS been about you! my bad

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When thinking about life, remember this: no amount of guilt can solve the past and no amouny of anxiety can change the future. So true

Just because you find it offensive doesn't mean you're right. And just because you don't agree doesn't mean you have to hate someone and have to take it out on them.

Do not get upset with people or situations ~ both are powerless without your reaction.

0 (Bits of Truth)

I NEED to remember this. They will never see my reaction to their bullshit again! I closed the door and will never open it for them again

I do this and people just look at me weird.

"Admit when you're wrong. Shut up when you're right." -John Gottman (This man knows a LOT about what helps - and what hurts - relationships. He's done tons of research on it, read his stuff it's amazing.