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My Zippy Quilter’s Planner Cover (The Crafty Quilter)

You’ve probably heard me mention the Quilter’s Planner, (one of my new favorite organizational tools) designed by Stephanie Palmer of Late Night Quilter. Well it just got even better because it has a

Applique Name Pillows

For Christmas this year my sister asked if I would make name pillows for her kids. I think they turned out pretty cute. And finally they are done and will be on their way, only a couple of weeks late. Oh wait. When did it get to be April?! Well, you know what they say about better being late… Right? My sister wanted to do something that would be distinctly boy and girl, not matchy-matchy, but still coordinate with each other. I loved pulling the fabrics for this and I think they worked out…

Soul Blossom Lattice Quilt Pattern Available

"I stitch pictures about things that have happened in my life - they usually show me and my family and my pets. They're a sort of diary of memories, usually sad ones as I tend to stitch to make myself better after something awful has happened. . . My pieces are very domestic, they are about our home, and life in our home: they are our wallpaper. I like to think I am making things like women in the past making quilts - memories held in fragments of cloth and stitch." The work of Primmy…

tesselating cats quilt - years ago I bought a pattern similar to this with the cat holding a ball..never did it....oh, where is that pattern now, do I still have it???