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"My silence doesn't mean I agree with you. It means I'm too smart to waste my breath dealing with your ignorant ass."

I' m a little smart ass, fat and stout. Here is my finger, here is my mouth. When I get all worked up I will shout, piss me off and I'll knock you out. HeHeHe!

35 Creative Kids Winning on Tests, Even When They’re Wrong Not every kid can be an Einstein, but they can be pure genius when it comes to being a smart ass. I just wish that when I was young…

You are about one smart ass comment away from being my co-star on an episode of SNAPPED.

28 Hilarious Smart-Ass Test Answers

Everyone’s made mistakes on exams, usually little errors that you’ll kick yourself for afterwards. But the mistakes these students made aren't just bad—they’re fails of epic proportions. Here are some of the ten worst exam answers you've ever seen.

I love a woman with body. A bit of cushion, heavenly thighs, and delicious ass curves. To find out that they tend to be more intelligent hell yes!