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Lol mickey mouse

TBH his face is my reaction when like I'm walking down the street and I see someone watching The Outsiders through their window. I'll just like low-key stop and stare to see what part they are at.

I love Two-Bit!

TBH I think that he was just out of it bc someone off set cracked a joke and I don't think he got it cause it was a pretty funny

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I was watching the movie with my friend and I started sobbing and she was like “you need a hug?” then she had to hold me for like 10 minutes #robloweskincare

Omg when we were reading the outsiders in class I skipped ahead (cuz im a fast reader and ish) so when people are reading out loud descriptions of Johnny throughout the book I was dying cuz I already knew he died

All the time, man....

My life left meh back in the

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The outsiders - Troubled pasts

Read Troubled pasts from the story The outsiders by with reads.