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... by Ana Muñoz on Publicidad sexista / Sexism in Advertising | Pint

Sex Violence Against Women Ads - Business Insider! Unlike some people? Let's STOP rape culture! This ad is disgusting. Why we need feminism


'Fitspiration': Why It Isn't So Inspirational

Very important article about Fitspiration. Remember: You are capable of much more than being looked at! A lesson for me and a good one to pass on to my daughter.

~Friends don't let friends blame victims~http://www.facebook.com/JKOjourney

Victim blaming NEEDS to stop! So many people ask me about my job as a sexual assault advocate, and I can tell you that victim blaming is one of the worst problems in our rape culture!

subtle difference...

Drew Gilpin Faust, President, Harvard University at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2013 in Davos

No More campaign - so glad issues like this are no longer being overlooked and brushed under the rug

The NO MORE PSA Campaign, spearheaded by the Joyful Heart Foundation in partnership with NO MORE and directed by actress and advocate, Mariska Hargitay, involves more than 50 celebrities and public figures asking bystanders to get involved.

More than 5,000 reports of sexual assault in fiscal year 2013, a spike of 50%. Troops feel more confident coming forward, says Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. About 65% of victims of all sexual assaults were 24 or younger. By far, most victims were junior enlisted troops. The Army, the largest of the services, had the most victims, with 1,201. The Coast Guard reported five victims.

Sexual assault in the military by the numbers

Rape is caused by rapist misogyny structural violence institutional tolerance not by women's clothes the way she walks the way she crosses her legs