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I was trying to voice text my mom that I'd gotten zucchini & potatoes at the farmers' market and my 10yo got kettle corn. Interestingly, my knees are kind of saggy. :)

Tote Bag

It's dirty but you have to admit that it's pretty darned funny! (darn...get it....see what I did there. Ha!)

Título | Title: 'Monty Python's Flying Circus' (1969–1974) (BBC) - Creadores | Creators: John Cleese (GBR), Terry Gilliam (GBR), Graham Chapman (GBR), Eric Idle (GBR), Terry Jones (USA), Michael Palin (GBR)

ugly jokes comebacks | 10. Yo mama is so fats, her pant’s dimension is ‘Bitch, lose some ...