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La Pizzeria Nati x la Pizza effettua il servizio di pizza e panini a domicilio con consegna a domicilio gratuita. Servizio rapido!

20 Meatless High Protein Foods (Vegetarian Protein Sources)

We’ve ranked the best meatless high protein foods in terms of their protein content. You don’t have to go vegetarian or vegan to reap the benefits often attributed to those lifestyles, including reduced risk of heart attack and cancer. Simply cutting back on the amount of meat you eat each day...

Bavarian Beer Hall Pork Shanks

Bavarian Beer Hall Pork Shanks Recipe on Food & Wine....sounds eerily similar to Carnitas de Puerco! It has to be good!

Steve's Meat Market

The Porterhouse Steak Pack Our thick cut Porterhouse steak is beautifully marbled and juicy. The Porterhouse is the masterpiece of grilling steaks. It is also an exquisite delicacy seared in a cast iron skillet, which envelops the steak in a rich mahogany crust. 8 lbs. Porterhouse Steaks 1-1/2″ thick cut will yield on average between 4-5 steaks. Save time and fuel by having us deliver your steaks right to your home.