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ایتالیا این کشور شگفت انگیز که در جنوب اروپا واقع شده است، شکلی شبیه به چکمه دارد و یکی از محبوب‌ترین مقصدهای گردشگری در سراسر دنیا به شمار می‌آید. دلایل متعددی اثباتگر این شهرت و محبوبیت هستند که از میان آن‌ها می‌توان به گنجینه‌های هنری، مد، چشم‌اندازهای مسحور کننده و غذاهای بسیار لذیذ اشاره کرد. #ایتالیا #گردشگری

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Colosseum, Italy

Colosseum, Italy


Ciudades europeas de noche

Most Unforgettable World Heritage Sites - The Pantheon, Historic Center Of Rome

Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Colosseum - Rome, Italy- moved from Bucket List board to my favorite places! Loved Rome SO much!

https://flic.kr/p/84q2U7 | The Colosseum, Rome | The Colosseum is an elliptical amphitheatre in the center of the city of Rome, Italy, the largest ever built in the Roman Empire. It is considered one of the greatest works of Roman architecture and Roman engineering. (Wikipedia)  3xp HDR

Italy is one of my favourite countries, there are so many places to visit that have so much historical background, one of these being Rome. I hope to one day travel around Italy and visit Rome along with a number of other sites

View from Palatine Hill. Rome, Italy   ➡500px.com/v_art  ➡v--art.tumblr.com #Padgram

This is a picture of Palatine Hill. This relates to the Roman foundation story because Romulus supposedly lived at the bottom of Palatine Hill. This location is where Rome began, and where it's first ruler lived.

Rome Italy travel photos & pictures available as stock photos, pictures & images & also to download as photo art prints. | Photography

Trevi Fountain, Rome Italy - tradition says throw a coin in the fountain and you will return to Italy again in your lifetime! To visit Rome/Italy/ the trevi fountain

Ruins of The Forum at Night, Rome Italy

Ruins of The Forum at Night, Rome Italy