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I love Harry Potter (Im on the 6th book, only seen 5 movies)! ( this part is new by the new me.... idk, i couldnt remamber the pass.... after 3 days and the email wont send so, yeah. on the 7th book now!!! yes!!!!!!!!!!)

My mom didn't understand why I nearly exploded with feels when Lina said this line... If you ask me, she unknowingly foreshadowed the fact that Harry's lost loved ones "came back" in a "funny way" near the end of Coincidence? I think not O.O

The Time Turner Necklace

Harry Potter - Hermione Time Turner Necklace <3

"The Forest of Dean. I came here once with Mum and Dad, years ago. It's just how I remember it. The trees. The river. Everything. Like nothing's changed. Not true, of course. Everything's changed." - Hermione (all credits go to the official Harry Potter facebook, I just made this board to collect them)