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This dog looks like mine German shepherds are so loving I don't care what people say about German shepherds being dangerous or killers they are so friendly and sweet but if any of you guys have a German shepherd don't get into its face my dog hates it

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No further comment! Even if found guilty, no one can punish this face! ~ Dog Shaming shame Love, love, that face.

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Could ya do something with my ears,  there kinda acting weird

I love how it sticks out it's toungue, and I've always admired GSDs for their ears

thú cưng

Heaven is a pile of golden retrievers-except for all of that dog hair! Maybe they don't shed in heaven!

Very interesting post: German Shepherd Puppies - 53 Pictures.сom lot of interesting things on Funny Dog.

The German Shepherd

A German Shepherd’s life is very short when compared to a human’s lifespan. While humans can live for more than 100 years, German Shepherds may only live for years.