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When you know how you want to live your life:

18 Times "The Simpsons" Got What It's Like To Be A Woman

when there's no toy in your Happy Meal

My mom does this same thing! She once started talking to me about a mini Jessica Simpson that she liked to put in her pocket. I just kept talking to her, it was hilarious!<<< now I want my mom to start talking in her sleep

"The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" star Dylan Sprouse now works at a restaurant, but he's not broke

Zack and Cody's Dylan Sprouse Now Works at a Restaurant

Stop the presses! Someone that used to be on a Disney television show is now working at a restaurant, like a normal teen! Sadly, it made news when a few wi

D, you knew exactly what you were doing and still going home to your husband and kids. Morality doesn't translate in Hindu, or what?

I can't respect a woman who would knowingly sleep with a married man. I don't know how not to judge someone like that. If you didn't know he was married maybe I'll give you slack but once you new he had a Wife and kids then all respect was lost!

Are you ready for this?                  Image Source: Tumblr user craftymcclever

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Well, damn!!

Well, damn.

Funny pictures about The Simpsons had some heavy stuff. Oh, and cool pics about The Simpsons had some heavy stuff. Also, The Simpsons had some heavy stuff.