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Matthew Cox // x-ray and embroidery

Embroidered Art

Matthew Cox's remarkable x-ray and embroidery work surreal frida kahlo style textile art and xray photo, contemporary mixed media collage art

My 4 year old son has been fascinated with the inner workings of our bodies lately so I went looking for x-rays that we could use with our light table to fully explain skeletons to him. Unfortunately, all the pins I found either went to forbidden pages or items for sale. Oh well, guess I’ll... Read More »

Children's Play X-Rays

BODY 9 Play X-Rays Free Printables from Tried & True. Print out on transparent paper and enjoy!

X-ray craft. JD would love this after having X-rays of his hand recently

X-ray craft

X is for x-ray.This+is+a+fun+x-ray+craft+we+did+for+our+preschool+co-op.The+kids+loved+it+-+especially+since+it+involved+a+little+bit+of+mess! Supplies+needed: White+tempera+paint spray+bottle qtips black+construction+paper glue some white.

You want me to do that right now?....nope, im gonna need you to do that when we get back to your room.

I Got Time For You

Email Marketing - ain't nobody got time for that. ain't nobody got time for that. Aint Nobody Got Time For That meme - Cast your vote, share, discuss and browse similar memes

10 Unbelievable (Yet Real) X-Rays That Might Shock You -

Funny pictures about Some of the most bizarre X-Rays. Oh, and cool pics about Some of the most bizarre X-Rays. Also, Some of the most bizarre X-Rays.

Bryan Whitney xray art. X Ray Rose

Bryan Whitney’s Incredible X-Ray Art

Bryan Whitney’s X-ray artwork reveals the inner beauty of flowers and everyday objects. The images are made with an x-ray machine and, amazingly, no camera is involved in capturing these pictures.