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Extremely Intriguing & Horrifying Personal Experience With Reptilian Aliens - We Shape Life

Ponte di Oresund tra Svezia e Danimarca

Funny pictures about Norway Sky Bridge. Oh, and cool pics about Norway Sky Bridge. Also, Norway Sky Bridge photos.

Golden Gate. I love the fog in the bay. It's amazing && I totally love living here :)

Golden Gate / San Francisco / California / Black and White Photography by Ansel Adams


Traffic lights => This picture depicts a photo of multiple traffic lights along the street. This picture is able to capture all of the traffic lights of the street.

Puente sobre el río Antirrio, Patras, Grecia

20 Unique & Creatively Designed Bridges of the World – Viral On Web ⊙⊙⊙ Charilaos Trikoupis Bridge, Grécia

Whilst traversing the seemingly endless internet, a peculiar collage of a hovering house caught our eye. Tracing the uncredited work back to the artist’s well-curated website, we found Matthias Jung, a middle-aged artist from the tiny town of Asperg, Germany. Crafting surreal homes out of co


German-based graphic designer Matthias Jung creates imaginative houses and calls them “architectural short poems”.

Preflight Butterflies #Photography

Incredible Photos From An Urban Explorer’s Journeys To The Forbidden Parts Of The City

Preflight Butterflies #Photography

wherearchitectureisfun: “ David Marsh from Parks and gardens UK on glasshouse pioneer John Claudius Loudon - “ Loudon’s most significant invention was a method of making glazing bars in.