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You can give a cat a fish and he'll eat for a day. Or you can teach a cat to fish, and he'll sit in his boat, pouting all day because nobody gave him another


Crochet Cat loves her yarn.When my cats were kittens, they learned fast to stay away from my yarn - that is - if they liked living.

Too good not to share!

I love cats and I want a cat that can be a cat, ya'know. Just a cat that be all like a cat. And then I want three more cats so then I can have four cats that say meow.

If I fits, I sits. - Imgur

If I fits, I sits.

step one - open the box. step two - put your cat in that box. step three - make her open the box. it's my cat in a box! my cat in a box now giiiirl.


Why yes, I could have found a more inconvenient place to lay down. Don't test me, mortal.


Cat Lying Position Terminology Our lista? Cat loaf, all the time.

It's a straight jacket for your feline               ---E

Oh my gosh, our Gypsy-cat has one of these coats and she literally does the same thing. Just drops to the floor and gives up on life, lmao.

cat christmas presents... so true :D

Humor, cute animals and giggles for Christmastime.because we all need to lighten up and laugh. Holidays can be stressful but as these graphics and memes show, there's more to life than the "to do list". Enjoy your Christmas and holiday season!

animal humor, scared little kitty

At my grandma janie taylor she has a little black cat i got out of the car the black cat was crouched down in the green grass and tried to scare me

Funny cat - Put it back - http://jokideo.com/funny-cat-put-it-back/

Funny pictures about Put it back right meow. Oh, and cool pics about Put it back right meow. Also, Put it back right meow.

SO TRUE:) They REALLY enjoy it when I try to take their picture!! HOW MANY sounds CAN she make...don't look yet, right? :) #cats

Cat Humor: I know when you're calling me. I just like to see how many silly sounds you'll make before I turn around.

I took a yoga class like this once. "Lift your left leg off the ground. Now lift your right leg and both of your hands and your head and practice your levitation."

Yoga, Level: Cats -- "Now, take both legs and simply toss them around your neck . like a scarf.

Fancy black cat - so cute!

An outfit for the kitty to wear at the wedding. Of course my cat will be at my wedding.