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Funny pictures about Checkmate Taylor Swift. Oh, and cool pics about Checkmate Taylor Swift. Also, Checkmate Taylor Swift.

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I Think We Found Our New Disney Princess… << remember in Shrek when Snow was attacking people with animals? << are you saying what I think you're saying << yes<< omg this is the best!<<< does this kid teach this power by any chance?

This is creepily accurate... *~*

So true except for the 15 years old part. I like my men like my whiskey, aged to perfection.>>> they never said 15 years old. They said 15 years OLDER than them.



so your saying, that periods don't happen every months, months happen every period.......interesting..

I'm no wadjet part 14 (Happy Diwali y'all!)

I've been laughing at this for like an hour. This is the life of a fan girl.<<<we put our blood sweat and tears into this life