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Questions to Ask Siri with Kids that are Hilarious and Family Friendly

Some of the Most Poisonous People Come Disguised as Family.Family is supposed to be supportive and encouraging, helping you get through life's toughest times and coming out okay on the other side, but this is a fantasy for many people..(Continue Reading) -) #family #love #hater

Let's Talk About Shawn Mendes

Imagine: shawn tried to say "caillou" as seriously as he could. He couldnt help it and started to laugh

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Christmas Movies at the Theater

christmas movies | ... the local regal movie theater will start to play free christmas movies

My 3 almost 4 year old called me a stinky ogre tonight. I don't know whether to teach her that's not nice to say to someone or laugh and applaud her wit and sense of humor

I love that that is a common subject on Google... I would actually try to talk to him.