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Shhh Kitteh, they'll hear us...

I think this is the scene that scared me the most. The "Kitchen Attack" scene in Jurassic Park combined practical raptor puppets, suits & digital imagery to create one of the most memorable sequences in film history.

Alex Howitt Follow · October 1, 2016 ·

lochness monster The secret is out. elephant with lochness on trunk swimming underwater

I love owls LOL

Funny pictures about Confused owl. Oh, and cool pics about Confused owl. Also, Confused owl photos.

If Rex was on Jurassic Park

Funny pictures about Jurassic Toy Park. Oh, and cool pics about Jurassic Toy Park. Also, Jurassic Toy Park photos.

i put my pants on one leg at a time the only difference is when my pants are on I make gold records!- more cowbell

But what do I know? It wouldn't be correct, but it would a ripoff of that song. The Party don't start until I walken. The Party doesn't start until I walken" Via Steven Humour


Theodore Roosevelt, riding a moose, Really? Teddy Roosevelt is one of the most interesting people to hold the office of president.

ermagherd... - Ehmagerd Dog Meme Generator Captionator

Ermagherd LOL I remember feeding our dog Salty peanut butter and that is how he looked except he had lots of black spots being a dalmation.

Love it

Guys With Fancy Lady Hair

Guys With Fancy Lady Hair - This is pure gold. I'm dying over here. I actually like the hippie wedding hair.