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ant on flower

Photo: Red ant explores a dandelion It's full-blown dandelion season in many parts of the United States. Although this flower is commonly considered to be a weed, it is an important food source for many insects and animals-even humans!

The Monarch...  They represent a new transformed life...  They also represent the souls of the dead...

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Glass-wing Butterfly [Greta Oto] is a brush-footed butterfly with wings that are transparent because the tissue between the veins of its wings looks like glass, as it lacks the colored scales found in other butterflies. The opaque borders of its wings are dark brown, sometimes tinted with red or orange, and its body is dark in color. The adults undergo long migrations.

**Glasswing Butterfly on Duchman's Pipe Vine, nature is just awesome - Mother Nature - ♀ (Natural Wonders) ♀ - Natural Beauty -

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Macro Photography - Still life - It caught my eye because the ladybird is focused and it's red body stands out.