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Alchemy:  A modern twist on the Caduceus. An Alchemy artwork.

Medical Milotic And Serperior This Pokemon drawing is so cool.


Overwatch>>Lel because Ana has healing darts :-P

Pokemon a Day

so i did this as part of the Daily Draw February event over at SatelliteSoda that just wrapped today. I did a pkmn a day for the entire month. a pkmn a day

Overwatch: Life and Death Tango by Fulcrumb. Mercy and Reaper.

I ship them so much. Remove Winston from game. Disclaimer: I haven't played Overwatch. Overwatch: Life and Death Tango

Pokemon Artwork Wallpaper Real Lugia

Realistic Lapras and Lugia. I always imagined a realistic Lugia to look a little more shiny and elegant, but this is a fantastic picture none-the-less. - Me too. I also love these 2 btw ^-^