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Storm on the Sea by Yan L

Storm on the sea - Background sky was taken two minutes earlier than the previous image posted here. I like this sky better though.

Crashing waves, blue sky and fluffy white clouds!  But then again, there is absolutely nothing as peaceful as a gentle rain falling at the beach. Waves and rain...two of my favorite sounds at the same time.  Ahhhh-some!!!  (slj)

Notice the cloud formation echoing the wave formation. It is worthwhile remembering that our atmosphere is fluid, that clouds are water vapor, and are subject to the same physical forces as the wave.

Enormous waves - that's a building on top of the cliff

Lands End, Cornwall, England, UK, March Massive waves pummel the cliffs. The little tower on the top of the cliff top is an old coastguard lookout. It stands at above sea level. The impact is therefore round about high.