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Gwyneth Moss - 3 questions

Tapping Hub TV – Anxiety and Stress – Julie Schiffman

▶ EFT Tapping & Sound Healing for Miracles - YouTube

EFT Tapping & Sound Healing for Miracles. This is weird, but she has an absolutely lovely voice - nice to listen to.

A fascinating conversation that explores the most recent research around tapping. David Feinstein, PhD is a clinical psychologist who has served on the faculties of The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Antioch College, and the California School of Professional Psychology. He has contributed more than 80 articles to the professional literature and five of …

The Science and Research

I often give radio interviews talking about “The Tapping Solution” documentary film and EFT in general, and one of the ideas I share is how Tapping takes 5

EFT Tapping Basic Recipe uses.  Tapping parts of the body while addressing a negative feeling YOU have and reminding yourself that You are worth accepting and deeply loving yourself, until your negativity slowy decreases.  All negative feelings in our bodies are responses to what's happening around us and we have the power to alter those chemicals.

The Basic Tapping Procedure - The Centerpiece of EFT The EFT Tapping Basic Recipe is an easy to use healing tool that provides the very foundation for expanding.

EFT (Tapping as an Emotional Freedom Technique) - The Free Gold Standard EFT Tapping Tutorial

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique (not just for healing "emotionally") Link to the free Gold Standard Tutorial, the updated manual by Gary Craig and Tina, Gary's daughter.

EFT Tapping and Emotional Freedom Techniques- How to Deal with Resistance with EFT Tapping.

Get Certified in Clinical EFT! EFTU EFT certification and training center. Learn EFT tapping at a EFT Universe EFT workshop held worldwide.

EFT Tapping to Releasing Fears To Take Risks

Tap to release your fear to take risks EFT video stepping out of comfort zone to take some risks . EFT Therapist Ruth Stern demonstrates how to open yourself.

A crazy tattoo idea. Man has a tattoo that looks like a hole in his head. You can see some biomechanical stuff in it.

Amazing 3D Head Tattoo Idea

zhannadesign direction: You can’t get rich when you feel poor

Tapping Insiders Club Interview with Carol Look - The Tapping Solution

Feeling Bitter - Tapping with Brad Yates

Wanting to Do Harm - Hurting Others (or even yourself.) - EFT with Brad Yates

Using Soft Eyes before EFT Tapping

Using Soft Eyes before EFT Tapping