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Obama To Republicans: I Didn't Create Trump, Your Bigotry Towards Me Did

Why should we feed people when we can kill people? ANOTHER GOP idiot, just keep on voting for assholes like this and see just how bad things can and will get. Fools! Dump Treasonous Trump

♻️ Christopher Zullo on

Republican Greed and Corruption... Trumped up Hillary Clinton "scandals"? What American voters need to know, all investigations have resulted in "no criminal activity" and "no further investigation required". Don't be distracted by GOP misinformation. Do the right thing for America, vote Hillary Clinton!

Sure....fracking is safe. - Uh, get my attorney on the phone so nobody does this shit near MY house!

This should be a law…

It works for NASCAR. VOTE the GOP OUT!

Obama "My President" on

GOP Budget & The Biggest Mystery Of All Time! Poor People Vote For Them! #GOPHatesPoorPeople #UniteBIue #TNTweeters

sad truth. Ted Cruz is a Traitor to the UNITED STATES

World’s Richest 85 People Own Same Wealth As ½ The Global Population—3.5 Billion Poorest | 11/30/14