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Virginie Ropars

Virtuosos Of Doll Design, Part 1: Virginie Ropars

trouvaillesdujour: Valley of Dolls, the Mysterious World of Dolls: Virginie Ropars

Virginie Ropars creates absolutely stunning dolls! Although "dolls" doesn't seem to do them justice.  vropars.free.fr/...

французские куклы Virginie Ropars ['found' or faux feather version]🐾

Art+Dolls+Only | Via Art Dolls Only

Dorote Zaukaite’s works are beautifully jointed and exquisitely posed. To me there is a faint hint of Hans Bellmer to her work, though you may disagree.

virginie ropars | Tumblr

VIRGINIE ROPARS - Acanthophis III--I loooove the horns. It's be hard tho. I like the rest of the body as well. Very interesting.