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Just Eighties Fashion

A time when clothes had a bigger personality than the people wearing them.

80s fashion - honestly, I don't know why people are always ragging on the 80s. I'd take this type of fashion any day over the short shorts that make my eyes bleed by being confronted with someone's cameltoe. Barf to that - bring back the 80s!

People Of The '80s Who Should've Never Been Let Out Of The House

This should tell you all you need to know about many of my seemingly inexplicable real life fashion choices.

new york magazine woman of the year of esprit de corps in the 1980,s - Google Search

Sportsgirl ad from the

ELLE Flashback: 1985-86, remember color blocking style

Flashback: 1985-86

Molly Ringwald in Elle circa I remember thiz artical I used to read Elle every month.


For those not doing the Madonna street waif look, there were preppy pastels. Very big in the along with floral patterns.