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Odette's Outfits through the Years 2 by autumnrose83

from the Swan Princess: Odette in the attire when she finally realizes her feelings for Derek, her capture by Rothbart, what her doppleganger The Black . Odette's Outfits through the Years 2

Swan Princess..I am probably one of the only people I know that remembers these movies but I loved them soooo much

I love the Swan Princess movies! I wish I still had a VCR that worked so I could watch mine!

Prince Derek & Princess Odette - The Swan Princess

Ah, this is the final version of my favorite non-Disney animated couples. Non-Disney couples

So much love!!❤

87 Swan Lake and Swan Princess Romances

I know this isn't Disney, but one of my favorite kid movie growing up :) Swan Princess

Found another post with tons of hashtags. Deleted them all >:) Love these two beautiful princesses

I love both of these classic animated movies, and I absolutely LOVED the new Cinderella. High hopes for the new Beauty and the Beast.