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You never know God is all you need until God is all you have .

Sayings on different sized wood.

This by far my favorite thing I've ever made :) Love NEVER Gives Up. Never Loses Faith. is always Hopeful and endures through every circumstance

#GoodMorningGirls ☀️⏰ - this is a great prayer to pray over our day today.. May we reflect God's love to others.  #WomenLivingWell  #JustGiveMeJesus

Dear Lord, Grant me the ability to speak kindly, respond gently and at times, to hold my tongue. I want my actions and reactions to please and reflect You and Your Love. So beautiful.

✟♥  ✞  ♥✟ When everything seems like it is falling apart, that is when G0D is putting things together just the way He wants it. ✟  ♥✞♥  ✟

Must remember this! When everything is falling apart, that's when God is putting things together the way he wants it.


Try and do the nicest thing you can think of for the rudest person you know. That's love Jesus' style!It works! It gives the other person a chance to think about your kindness.and it is Jesus' style.

This is so true...it's too bad there are so many people who would rather be right than kind.

But, you know, you can be a patient heart that listen and then be an intelligent mind that gives good advises! Because your advises will always be better if you're able to listen well without judging.


Note to self: Trust me, when I woke up today, I had no plans to be awesome. But shit happens. So, always be awesome!

Preach it Sister Kathy!

"Faith is not knowing what the future holds but knowing who holds the future." Who holds your future?