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Link and Zelda

Game Art by Karosu Maker

Commission: Link helping Malon to get back the cuccos to their penn in Lon Lon Ranch. Oh you're my hero, Fairy boy

This is the best thing Ive ever seen.

I thought Link liked Mario. I guess not.

So awesome to think about. Each person you meet is a new opportunity to learn something

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(Zeetali  ™)  Skullkid - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

If you ever feel alone, think about skull kid. His only friends are giants that live in a different realm and his two fairys. he is mocked by every other living thing and is taken advantage of by a dark being named Majora, and is soon hated by everybo

How does he fit that all in his hat???

Zelda fan art begs question: how did Link carry all that stuff, anyway?

Legend of Zelda Pack I want to make something similar to this to wear to Ren Fest!>> HOLY FREAKING COW.

This Woman Has Single-Handedly Redeemed Fanny Packs

Hand Made Fantasy Zelda themed Belt Pack! © Original Designs Hand Made Fantasy Zelda Belt Pack

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by Tyson Hesse; I'd really like to think Maui and Moana went on more adventures, and that she became sorta a demigod herself