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WATCH: A television news reporter is SCARED after a man sneaks up behind her http://tellybinge.co.uk/2015/08/02/reporterscaredonlivetv-videohighlight.php #funny #ktlanews #wendyburch

Aww, lol http://myhumorspot.com/index.php/funny-pics-2/wait-a-minute/

Bunny Noms Banana. Funny how I can't stand when people eat with their mouth open but watching this is adorable...

http://www.ohsohumorous.com/index.php/funny-memes-and-jokes-via-OhSoHumorous-com_02387 I met him in 1985 or '86. Nicest guy!

Some others call it hide and seek, but I think it is the greatest individual sport anyone can play. ⛳️ pinned by http://www.waterfront-properties.com/pbgballenisles.php #funny #golfhumor

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