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1911-1913, Plate 001 :: Costume Institute Fashion Plates

1914 Men's suit- natural fit, shoulders became more narrow. A slight waist definition emerges unlike the box silhouette from previous years.

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Plate Fashion plates, mens The Costume Institute Fashion Plates The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of Woodman Thompson

William Terriss (20 February 1847 – 16 December 1897), born as William Charles James Lewin, was an English actor, known for his swashbuckling hero roles, such as Robin Hood, as well as parts in classic dramas and comedies. He was also a notable Shakespearean performer. He was the father of the Edwardian musical comedy star Ellaline Terriss and the film director Tom Terriss.

Stephen-Captivatingly good looking Edwardian actor Scott Seaton sporting a natty checkered suit. (fiction) Joseph Camden of Stillwater Springs.

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Image result for Men's vintage edwardian images

FDR, Roosevelt in a stylish sack suit, Edwardian era

1900s Edwardian Mens Clothing, Costume & Workwear Ideas

5 men's Edwardian era clothing and costume ideas; From morning suits to sack suits, sportswear to formalwear and work clothing for the lower classes.

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